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Guide Me Taurus/Pisces Wolf Swivel Ring


A Taurus can be stubborn and independent, determined to take on the world-single handedly. Just like a wolf, they are fiercely protective of their pack. The wolf symbolizes a strong connection with instincts, sharp intelligence, and an appetite for freedom. If you are a Taurus or close to one, this is their animal guide.Pisces are often known to be the dreamers of the zodiac. They are graceful and generous like the wolf who is known for being passionate and deeply emotional. They like to be part of a group and community and are incredibly nurturing, gentle and very affectionate. Their final goal in life is not just to find true love, but to nurture it for a lifetime. If you are a Pisces or close to one their animal guide is a Wolf or a Fox.If you are a Taurus or Pisces or close to one this is their Animal guide. This ring swivels to show the zodiac constellation of either Taurus or Pisces on the back with the birthstone for either April/May (Diamond/Emerald) or February/March (Amethyst/Aquamarine) .

14K Yellow Gold / Aquamarine / 5 - $1,995.00